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YOu Can Now apply scrum to

hardware and Systems design

Learn How Scrum Can Help You:
  • Accelerate product delivery.

  • Manage change and uncertainty.

  • Improve project visibility.

  • Easier cooperation between engineering and business.

  • Better customer alignment.

  • Sync with firmware development.

  • Improve morale.

  • Improve distributed design work over the web.

What Makes This Course Unique:

"There are many Scrum courses and consultants, but most are software, IT or business-focused. I have over 40 years of hardware and systems design experience. I have managed design teams. I have a deep understanding of the product development process and know how and when Scrum methods can help you."

Learn from a Highly Skilled & Experienced Product Designer.

Three Ways to Learn
Scrum for Hardware and Systems Design
Online Self-Guided Course
  • Online self-paced. 

  • 4 hours of customized Scrum training.

  • 30 short modules. 

Regular price $499

Work from home special


-Team discount-

Web Masterclass
  • Guided online masterclass

  • Tuned for your specific product and issues.

  • Delivered live over the web on a schedule that fits your team. 

  • Slides provided so your team can work along with Professor Ullman.

Regular price $2999

Work from home special 


On-Site Training
  • Two or three-day on-site training with Professor Ullman.

  • Customized for your products and organization. 

  • Includes follow-up to ensure Scrum's benefits.

"Ullman did such a good job at our Ohio design center that we had him do it again at our N.J. facility."

Mike A., V.P. of Engineering

Need to convince an executive that you should register for training? Use this Executive Summary.

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