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Scrum for Hardware and Systems
Supporting Material

The Scrum pictograph shows the twelve steps of Scrum including the meetings held and the artifacts developed. 

The twelve steps of Scrum are also available in table format.

Scrum Infographic-2020-02.jpg

Like every methodology, Scrum has its own jargon. The glossary lists the most important terms used when talking about and using Scrum.  

Two useful tools for seeing how well design teams are performing are the Team Health Assessment and the Design Process Health Assessment.  Each can be used to detect team problems or to help provide topics that should be covered in a design course.  

Case Studies

The Saab JAS 39 E, Gripen was entirely designed by 1000 engineers on more than 100 scrum teams. This case study covers how they did it.

A student team at Olin learned Scrum while they designed a prosthetic arm as part of a mechatronics course. 

Recent articles in Machine Design Magazine by David Ullman

Material for Faculty

This 25 page manual provides suggestions for how to teach Scrum.  A majority of the material is in the course "Scrum for Hardware and Systems Design" which is available to faculty for free and to students for $19.00. 

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