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Teach your hardware and Systems students how to design using the scrum process.

Scrum can help your students:

  • Develop good design skills.

  • Manage uncertainty.

  • Improve project visibility making team communication easier.

  • Improve design team morale.

  • Get jobs - many leading-edge companies use the Scrum framework.

Scrum can help you:

  • Teach good design practice.

  • Teach students how to manage time and uncertainty.

  • Improve project visibility making design project grading easier.

  • Meet ABET design requirements.

  • Take advantage of 30 Self-paced modules (4 hours of material), written for professionals, accessible by your students in your classes.

Explore this Teaching Material for Free

Step 1. Use the form below for a free desk copy of the online course "Scrum for Hardware and Systems Design".

Step 2.  I send you a link for you to review the course for free.  The supporting material and instructors manual may also be of use to you.

Step 3. I also send a link to share with your students. This connects them to the course registration at a heavily discounted student price of $19.00 each (retail $499.00).

Request a free desk copy of the on-line course

"Scrum for Hardware and Systems".

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