Scrum for Hardware and Systems Master Certification

This 2-day online workshop will grant you a certification in applying Scrum to Hardware and Systems Design

Scrum training without the software focus

There are many Scrum courses and consultants, but most are software, IT or business-focused. I have over 40 years of hardware and systems design experience. I have managed design teams, and I have a deep understanding of the product development process and know how and when Scrum methods can help you.

Learn how Scrum can help you:

  • Accelerate product delivery.

  • Manage change and uncertainty.

  • Improve project visibility.

  • Easier cooperation between engineering and business.

  • Better customer alignment.

  • Sync with firmware development.

  • Improve morale.

  • Improve distributed design work over the web.

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The text, The Mechanical Design Process, has been used by thousands of engineering students and practitioners since 1992 to aid in developing quality, robust products. 

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