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New for 2019!
Scrum for Hardware Design

available in paperback and Kindle

Supplement cover (1).jpg
  • An introduction to Scrum specifically for mechanical, system or mechatronic design students.

  • Two new Scrum case studies included.

  • Instructors guide available as a free download.

  • Published as an eBook and paperback.

Front cover MDP 6  final.jpg
  • The Design Process standard for over 25 years.

  • 50 hardware design best practices with enough detail for any design student.

  • Much supporting material for faculty.

  • 480-page soft cover book for $49.99.

Front cover case studies final.jpg
  • 13 case studies 

  • 151-page soft cover book for $19.99.

  • Written with practitioners from NASA, BMW Marin Bicycles and others

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