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Why Design Faculty choose The Mechanical Design Process

and The Mechanical Design Process Case Studies for their students.

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Whether teaching a course on the design process, a senior design course, or a capstone; there are many resources in The Mechanical Design Process that can help students learn how to be better design engineers.  


In spite of its title, The Mechanical Design Process is a book for all product developers.  It has been described as one of the best systems design books available.  It is a must for design process, senior design, and capstone courses click here to see how this book can help your students and program be successful.


Provide your students with a holistic, systematic view of how to discover their customers’ needs and see them through to on-time, cost effective, quality products.

Help your students develop good habits during:

  • Problem understanding

  • Concept generation

  • Concept selection

  • Decision making

  • Functional modeling

  • Product generation

  • Product evaluation

  • Team management

  • Design for cost, assembly, manufacture, sustainability and more.


The text is built to support the 50 design best practices, those used in industry to develop quality products.

There are 13 case studies showing students how successful design engineers resolve difficult design problems.

The book contains over 75 design aphorisms, short statements of engineering design truth that can be used to make challenging points stick.  Add to the list and win a free book.

Win a Free book!

Why teaching the design process during junior year is important for capstone project and internship success?

A four page paper describing how important this information is for student success.  The paper has been submitted to the 2018 Capstone Design Conference, Rochester N.Y., June 2018.

Additional instructional material

Instructors Manual to help in planning a design process or capstone course.

25 templates, Word and Excel forms, to help students capture design progress, determine part costs and manage team activities.

Over 300 figures from the book are available as PowerPoint slides.

Bookstore Ordering Details
  • Mechanical Design Process, 6th edition

    • ​IBSN:  978-0-9993578-0-4
  • Mechanical Design Process Case Studies

    • ISBN:   978-0-9993578-1-1

Both available from Ingram: 

The Design Process Figure

Figure 4.5 in The Mechanical Design Process is titled; "An overview of the mechanical design and product support process".  It is spread over two page.  Click the button below to download a PDF file suitable for copying, all on one sheet.

TRIZ Principles

Section 7.7 in The Mechanical Design Process introduces the TRIZ 40 inventive principles.  Click the button below to download them.

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